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Ferbuary 2021

'War: How conflict shaped us'

by Margaret MacMillan

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The book War by Margaret MacMillan is a book which is about war (self-explanatory) but it analyses war mostly through a social perspective. It argues the point that discussios about war remain ever relevant with the evolution of military technology being what it is. Τhe book deals with the lasting qualities and characteristics of war; including, the motivations of soldiers and nations, the origins of organised conflicts and the political implications and causes of conflict. The book explores many different historical periods and within many historical contexts. One interesting point that is made is that although the super powers have not fought between each other since World War II only engaged in proxy wars or colonial conflicts, the danger of direct conflict is ever present and in the conclusion the author expresses concern about a more technologically advanced type of warfare using cyber warfare, drones and many other applications of new technologies. This book is an interesting combination of politics, a study of society, and, of course, history which seems to be an ideal approach to the subject.

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