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September 2020

'Turning the Tide' Nigel Cawthorne

Arctus Publishing

Turning the tide explores the most crucial theatres of WWII, and, resembles an overall history of the war. It explores six important battles of the Second World War. The book is not too heavy and is easy to read, but, at the same time, it is very informative and helps to put the events of WWII into perspective. The book is by its nature a shorter book and does not cover some of the more obscure, but interesting subjects, such as, the resistance groups. The book does, however, capture the reason that the 1939-1945 conflict was truly a global world war. The book is definitely a rewarding read; the fact that this is the second time I have read it is a testament to this characteristic. This is a very good book for anyone interested in the war and I would thoroughly recommend it.


This is not a scan of my copy because I have currently lent it to a friend, this image is from the internet (from a website called

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