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September 2020

'The Second World War' Anthony Beevor

Orion Books

The book 'The Second World War' is an overall history of the second world war which includes all the theatres of war. It starts with the roots of the conflict, which lie in the First World War and continues all the way through to the aftermath of WWII. The length of the book means that, although it is an overall history, every battle is described with detail. Best of all, for those having already read  books about specific WWII battles, reading a detailed overall history like this greatly aids placing the events in chronological order and allows them to ''organise'' within their mind the facts they already know. Moreover, the way the book is written, it is able to cover many of the faces of the war and helps in the discovery of new topics for the reader to investigate. The book also includes much interesting research that is not widely known; for example, there is evidence that Stalin was planning to invade the rest of Europe, although, following the revelation that the Americans had a nuclear bomb, he abstained from said act. Last, but by no means least, the book, although long, is not too hard to read or too technical. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in the history of the Second World War...

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