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August 2020

'Lords of the Desert' James Barr

Simon & Schuster

This book covers the period 1942 to 1967, and, more particularly, the struggle between Britain and America to control this crucial area of the world with its  important oil reserves. The story follows the Middle East's development from a colonised area of the globe to its becoming a free and powerful cluster of nation states. This evolution of the oil-rich states was, however, turbulent, with the British and French colonial rulers replaced by ambitious local leaders. The colonial powers, and, of course, America, were still interested in the region, and, as a consequence, the area has seen a lot of geopolitical tension. The book covers some interesting events, such as, the decline of British influence, the rise of leaders such as Gamal Abdel Nasser in Egypt or Mohhamad Mossadegh in Iran, or, most interesting of all, the failed invasion of the Suez Canal, which is hailed by many as the end of British Imperial prestige and influence. This is definitely a book that will serve as food for thought for a long time and  which will provide the reader with an interesting introduction to geopolitics...

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