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December 2020

'Nemesis'  by Max Hastings

William Collins

The book Nemesis by Max Hastings is a book about the end of the Second World War in the eastern theatre. This includes campaigns, such as, those in Burma, the Philippines, and other island campaigns (Iwo, Jima, Okinawa). The book also includes chapters concerning the fire-bombing of Japan and a very interesting chapter on the nuclear bombing of Japan, especially, the question of  its inevitability or not. The book is very readable and truly incorporates every facet of WWII in Asia, such as, China's influence or the Soviet invasion of Manchuria. The book also covers many personalities to a satisfactory extent and there is no avoidance of judging said characters, such as, General MacArthur. Overall, it is a very interesting book with a good number of personal accounts to render it more vivid and to testify to the many atrocities committed (it is similar in style to other WWII histories, such as, those of Anthony Beevor).

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