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July 2020

'Killing the SS' Bill O' Reilly and Martin Dugard

Διόπτρα (Greek publisher)

This book is about the hunt for escaped high ranking Nazi war criminals; primarily, Adolf Eichmann, Martin Bormann,  Otto Skorzeny, Joseph Mengele amongst others. The book is fast-paced and reveals the scale of the Nazi operation to flee justice through organisations, such as, ODESSA. It describes how this was often achieved with the help of friendly Latin American governments, such as, the administration of Juan Peron in Argentina. One of the most interesting aspects of the book is that the stories told are some of the best examples of revenge and justice, albeit, incomplete, seeing as so many notorious war criminals escaped justice or even prospered with the help of the U.S.A (such as, Klaus Barbie) or some like Otto Skorzeny who even ended up working with Israel...

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