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May 2021

'How we got to the 1967 Junta'

by Lena Doukidou

Το Βῆμα (Greek Newspaper)

The book 'How we got to the 1967 Junta' is written by a Greek journalist who asks how the colonel's junta of 1967 took power, the background to the officers and the historical context. The book is based mainly on testimonies derived from the journalist's notes taken during the trial of the leading junta members and these include the testimonies of army officers and prominent politicians. These testimonies reveal the thoughts of these influential men and a lot about the way the junta managed to stage a successful coup. Moreover, this approach takes into account many other factors, such as; the role of foreign powers and their attitude towards the regime, the role of the monarch and King Constantine II and the actions of the politicians who played an important role. The testimonies are not necessarily presented in a linear way and range all the way back to the civil war (1946-1949) and the 1950s when army officers were already preparing to topple the government, something they failed to do initially. The book explores all the important factors and addresses many important issues, such as, whether the conspirator's perceived communist threat was a real threat (which it was not). 

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Copy from my school library

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