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January 2021

'Japan in the Pacific War'

By Augustine Kobayiashi

Historical Quest (Publisher)

The book 'Japan in the Pacific War' is very interesting, especially, because it has been written by a Japanese academic. I had just read another book about the Eastern Theatre by Max Hastings and adding a new perspective was very interesting. It covers many topics to do with the Pacific War, but due to its short length does not substitute for a longer and more detailed book such as 'Nemesis'. Most prominently, there were sections dedicated -apart from the battles- to the naval blockade of Japan by the US Navy. More than anything else, there were some very interesting facts, such as, the very accurate predictions of the Pacific War by some novelists. Last, but by no means least, the book has an impressive array of diverse photos which enhance the presentation. The only small problem is that the book has a very broad focus, but does not have enough pages to complete the task it sets itself.

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My Copy

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