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India 1 Rupee

The Indian silver rupee was a coin minted during the period of the British Raj in India  from 1912 to 1936 in silver. The British government had been responsible for minting the coins in circulation in India since 1862 when it took over from the East India Company. The coins were not the same as the ones minted in Britain although India also minted sovereigns at the  Bombay mint (these bear the B mintmark under the date). This is because officially India was a seperate kingdom under the British monarch (or Emperor), thus, the viceroy was in charge and not the governor as in other colonies. The coin features a portrait of the British monarch on the obverse (in the case of my coin from the reign of George V the portrait is by Edgar Bertram Mackennal) and an Indian pattern on the reverse where the denominiation is indicated. The coin weighs approximately 11.66 gramms and has a diameter of 30.50 mm. The coin would have been equivalent to one fifteenth of a gold mohur (gold coins minted in India until 1918).  


My 1912 Silver Rupee

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