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September 2021

"A Short History of the First World War"

by Gary Sheffield

One World

The Book "A Short History of the First World War" is a short overview of the 1914-1918 conflict exploring the origins of the war, the war itself and its most crucial battles, other aspects of the war (such as, the economy or the home front) and then the legacy of the "war to end all wars". The book gives a rough but accurate account of the course of the war in chronological order, whilst more general topics are covered in their own captions. The book also contrasts the views of historians and introduces the various ways the conflict of the First World War has been interpreted over time. One example is the viewpoint of controversial German historian Fritz Fischer who believed that the war was solely the responsibility of Imperial Germany. This is a book I would definitely recommend to anyone interested in World War One although it has to be said that those who have read about the war extensively will have little to gain from this overview of the conflict.

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