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July 2023


By Francois Hollande


The book 'Boulversements' by Francois Hollande is not a historical book, however, I have included it because of the interest of the book and due to the fact that it touches on topics relevant to history; such as, politics, international relations and economics. The book's author is Francois Hollande, former French President, therefore, the perspective from which the author assesses world problems is, beyond doubt, unique. The book's main topics are the big changes and developments from 2012 to 2022, which include the war in Ukraine. Hollande splits his book in two with one section presenting the new challenges and the second suggesting solutions. Topics that are analysed in the book include; new technologies, the neo-imperial ambitions of Russia and China, climate change and the challenges faced by democracies and models of governance. The book's perspective is truly international and  Hollande shows a shrewd understanding of the world and the connections between countries. The book is very informative due to the fact that Hollande has an intelligent overall perception of the important problems of our age. Hollande seems optimistic; he recognises the challenges to democracies, but remains buoyant about the tenacity of the 'West,' and, particularly, of Europe. Overall, the book demonstrates a persistent faith in the European Union and its capacity to project power, secure its borders, fight terrorism, increase its self-sufficiency, and, possibly, unite as a European Federation. This is definitely a book I would recommend to those interested in a insightful and complete overview of world, and, particularly, European politics and geopolitics from an experienced statesman.

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