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WWI Victory Medal

September 2021


   After the end of WWI, the British government issued a medal to all personnel of all branches of the military who had been mobilised for at least 28 days. This medal was most often struck in silver, but a little more than one hundred thousand were also produced in bronze. The bronze medals were awarded to members of the Indian, Maltese, Chinese and Egyptian Labour Corps. Of the 6.5 million silver medals, 427,993 went to members of the Canadian expeditionary force. The medal depicts Sir Bertram Mackennal's  portrait of the King on the obverse and the reverse is by William McMillan, a Scotish sculptor. It depicts St. George, patron saint of England on horseback triumphing over a Prussian eagle. The medal has the name, rank, corps and service number of the recipient on the edge (at the bottom). The Victory Medal worn with the 1914 Star (or the 1914-1915 star) and the British War Medal was referred to as Wilfred,  part of the Pip, Squeak and Wilfred trio from a popular comic strip. The medal I currently own belonged to Private William Cowper of the Royal Marines.

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