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May 2021

'Civil Passions: 23 questions about the Greek Civil War'

by Stathis N. Kalivas and Nikos Marantzidis

Μεταίχμιο (Greek publisher)

Τhe book Civil Passion: 23 Questions and Answers about the Greek Civil War is the outcome of an interesting  collaboration between two authors in the field of sociology and history. The book recounts the events of the Greek Civil War, and, includes, the tensions that led to the conflict starting with skirmishes between rival resistance groups during the German occupation. The book seems to include the questions in chronological order and in this way manages to present a linear description of the events, while analysing all of the important factors present in the conflict from the involvement of foreign powers to the questions which still cause controversy to this day. One such question is, for example, the deportation of children to communist countries by the insurgents or the government's actions to brainwash some young children which it was protecting in certain facilities (Chapter 20). The book deals with every aspect of the conflict and even talks about the subsequent re-interpretations that have changed over years wherein the winner's version was adopted after the war, but how a new version more favourable to the vanquished became more mainstream after the re-establishment of democracy during 1974 and after the colonel's junta.  This book is definitely very interesting as it is an analysis of the first manifestations of a great ideological divide of the post-war world that persists to today. The book gives a great overview of the conflict and is not lacking in any subject concerning the conflict.

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Copy from my school library

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