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July 2021

'Eleutherios K. Venizelos and Venizelism 1909-1922'

by Spiridon G. Ploumidis

Patakis (Greek publisher)

The book Eleutherios K. Venizelos and Venizelism 1909-1922 is a book about the rise of the liberal politician E. Venizelos from 1909 to the year 1922, covering Venizelos's rise to prominenece until the Asia Minor tragedy. Although the book is mainly about the new ideas and policies of the liberal party, there is also important information about those who oppossed their policy particularly in WWI. These factions include; the monarchist opposition, the king and many of the pre-1909 political establishement who formed a big part of the opposition. The book goes through the events in a chronological order, but the chapters are based on the study of a specific manifestation of the post-1909 reform and the National Schism. As with other books about this period, the book Eleutherios K. Venizelos and Venizelism 1909-1922 describes a crucial part of modern Greek history and does in fact refer to later events and how they were influenced by this period. The book also goes through the international context and significance of the National Schism and points out similar conflicts in other minor European powers who were pressured into joining a side in the Great War. Another very important aspect of the "conflict" that the book analyses is also the legal and constitutional debate about the Greek monarchy, the elected officials and their respective roles, a debate which went on until the abolition of the monarchy in 1974. 

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My copy (in greek)

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