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Useful Resources

There are many useful resources for coin collectors available, both printed and online. These resources are necessary for the collector to obtain a variety of information about coins as well as link them with the historical context in which they were minted.

One of the most comprehensive online databases is the website The site has a database of coins, medals and banknotes from ancient states to the latest commemorative coins. The database is exhaustive and lists coins even from the most obscure states. The information offered will typically include; inscriptions on the coin, metal composition and ruling authority as well as mintage and bullion value. One of the most exciting features is the ability to use advanced search tools to identify coins; including, the ability to search based on inscriptions on the coin, diameter, size and composition. This is particularly useful in when researching unfamiliar coinage or older coins where only some of the lettering is visible. I have successfully used this feature in identifying early modern and late medieval coins about which I know very little.

For those interested in discovering the value of British coinage, I can recommend the website The tables of values includes all conditions (grades of coin) and is comprehensive. According to the website’s author, the values are taken from the publication “Coin News”. As well as values of coins, the website also offers interesting information about each denomination.

For a new collector in the UK, understanding the British grading system can be a great help for assessing the value of a coin, its use and its age. The Royal Mint’s website offers a guide to the British grading system which can be accessed through the link

Lastly, many collectors purchase comprehensive catalogues which can be helpful for getting very accurate information on more obscure coins. However, this practice is somewhat outdated and generally limited to very serious collectors and investors.

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