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October 2021

"The Korean War"

by Max Hastings

Pan Books

"The Korean War" is a military history book by Max Hastings, first published in 1987, about the 1950 to 1953 war in Korea. The book recounts the events of the war in a chronological order and also topic by topic (PoWs, domestic and international politics). The book relates the greater strategic operations of the war, such as the Inchon Landings or the Battle of the Imjin, and, also includes, the testimonies of soldiers of every rank. This gives a very rounded impression of the Korean war. The book also reveals the more profound details of this obscure conflict and how the use of atomic weapons was contemplated. The friction between high-command in the military and the political leadership in Washington is also revealling about the difficulties of waging a war without clearly defined objectives. Other interesting aspects of the conflict include, the civilian attitude towards war in Britain and America, as well as, the precarious balance and international politics which kept the conflict localised. The corruption and tyrranical attitude of the South Korean government gives further food for thought when foreign wars are waged. The conclusion of the author can be summarised as follows: Overall, the decision to go to war was correct. The book is definitely worth a read, especially, due to the obscurity of the war in Korea, despite the fact that the country's division is still a key factor in the region and in the world.

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