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July 2021

'History of Modern Greece - Part 1

by Dimitrios Karamitsos (Publisher University Studio Press) 

 The book 'A History of Modern Greece - Part 1' is a book which is about the history of Greece from the year 1897 to the year 1941; from an ill-fated war with Turkey to the beginning of the WWII occupation by Germany. The book presents the events in chronological order and features most prominently the troubled  period of WWI from a Greek point of view (the Greek National Schism), as well as,  the interwar period. The book describes the emergence of the nationalist, irredentist Venizelist movement in 1909, the rise of this movement to power and the subsequent split that haunted Greek society for decades. Specifically, the royalist faction opposed the liberals who wanted to go to war on the side of the allies and claim new territories for Greece. This led to a clash between the two charismatic leaders, Constantine I and Venizelos. After the Greek defeat inflicted by the new Turkish leader Mustafa Kemal, Greece was plunged into turmoil and the military carried out tens of coups until the Metaxas dictatorship, which governed Greece until the Second World War came about. The book examines periods of Greek history which continue to be controversial to this day and important issues such as the monarchy, the legacy of the Liberal Party or the irredentism of the era known as the "Megali Idea". The book is definitely a good option for anyone interested in modern Greek history and interested in the ideological divides which stigmatised the country for many years.

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