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November 2020

'Alamein'  by Stephen Bungay

The book 'Alamein' covers the war in the desert between 1940 and 1943. It is a detailed description of an interesting period; including, the major Italian action of the war, and, of course, the only front where British infantry saw major action which ended with a victory that Britain had been looking for since the start of the war. Although centered around the three battles of Alamein, Operation Brevity, Battleaxe etc. are also mentioned in detail. A very interesting chapter is the one that concerns the lesser known actions of the navy and air-force over Malta. The book also confirms a basic truth about warfare; namely that supply lines are of crucial importance. This has also been recognised by other great tacticians, such as, Napoleon, Alexander the Great, and, finally, Rommel - who suffered from not having enough supplies. The book is also unconventional and realistic, portraying both the good and the bad sides of characters like Montgomery and Rommel. It was an interesting and stimulating read.

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