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July 2020

'A Short History of England' Simon Jenkins

Profile Books Ltd

I read this book after having read a Short History of Europe by the same author, Simon Jenkins, which I have also reviewed. The book is very informative and a very enjoyable read and I would definitely recommend it, especially, seeing as it is really useful for putting all the specific events that one might have read about into context. The book starts with the end of the Roman occupation and it describes everything since these tumultuous events. The book is great because it underlines not only the radical changes and reforms, but also the continuity of certain principles, ideas, policies and institutions, such as, parliament or the recurrent debate between involvement in continental Europe as opposed to greater involvement in foreign ventures. The book also features many interesting quotes and has, of course, all the crucial dates and places needed to help in building up a significant knowledge of English history.

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My copy

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