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January 2021

'1915 The National Schism'

by Theodoros Maurogordatos

Εκδόσεις Πατάκη (Greek publisher)

1915 - The National Schism is a book about the National Schism which took place in Greece due mainly to the dilemma regarding participation in World War I and which was a more general "conflict" between monarchism and irredentist liberal policy as ideologies. The book describes the events, the facets of the crisis and the charismatic leaders, King Constantine I, and, one of the most celebrated Greek politicians, Eleutherios Venizelos. The story starts with the army officers coup in 1909 which brought about reform and a new prime minister.  In 1913, King George I of Greece was killed in the newly conquered city of Salonika and his son became king, setting the stage for the coming crisis. The First World War broke out and relations between the king and the prime minister soured. The crisis escalated to include death sentences, a split into two states, invasion, rebellion and exile for many leaders and these events along with their causes and consequences are analysed. This is a book about a very interesting topic and is definitely a very  good book to read in order to get detailed insight  on an  important aspect of modern Greek history.

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